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As an Orthopedic Surgeon who has recently had Knee Replacement Surgery, I needed Physical Therapy to rehabilitate my leg. I chose North Valley PT because I have had many patients who have been very happy with their treatment from Carla. Her results have always exceeded my expectations on my patients.

My treatment has been excellent. Carla gives very personalized care with advanced techniques. I am recovering faster than I expected. I highly recommend North Valley Physical Therapy.

Dr. James S.

For one month, I have been a patient at North Valley Physical Therapy in Granada Hills. My primary care physician prescribed a regimen of diagnosis and therapy for intense, acute lower back pain.

I am not a stranger to chronic back pain, nor to acute episodes of debilitating agony, going back over a half century. But, a large measure of relief was relatively quick, with virtual total relief within a few more days. Of course, many techniques including various types of stretches, and the latest technology devices in pain relief and muscle loosening were employed. But, what made my experience m0st rewarding was that Carla Kazimir, and her helpful, friendly staff, went beyond the obvious pain reduction techniques which brought back functionality.

They had me performing a number of exercises which strengthened the muscles supporting the back, and other skeletal muscles. In addition to strengthening, muscular endurance was emphasized, and cardiovascular improvements were incorporated.
The idea is that, for lasting relief and health, one must treat the whole person. My experience in the past taught me that, in spite of severe spinal degeneration, relief from pain was largely a function of overall fitness, as well as avoiding obvious strains. So, instead of pursuing merely short term relief, my therapy started me on the road to life-long fitness. (Once again!)

My endurance and strength gains astonished me, at my age. In contrast to treatments some years ago, therapy move along quickly and rigorously, and I got results!
Carla and staff do not push; rather, they nudge you along, to do better and better. It does take some effort on the part of the patient; but, no other method provides lasting results, fitness, and prevention of disabling pain.

I recommend North Valley Physical Therapy with great enthusiasm. I am grateful that my doctor sent me there.

Robert A. Gismondi

I'm running and playing soccer again! Thanks to you, I've healed in less than three months. When I hobbled in to see you, I thought my injured heel would sideline me for more than a year. I'm so glad I came to see you.

Thank You!


I want to thank you for helping me with physical therapy. The environment you have created is warm, friendly, and inviting. Your warm personality makes the process of physical therapy special and comfortable.

Good luck to you as you continue into the future.

With highest regards and warmest wishes, Lila K.

I am so that pleased Carla has opened her Therapy Services in Granada Hills...This is a wonderful needed healthcare additive to the community ....I've known and worked with Carla for over eight years at Villa Scalabrini. We worked very closely correlating nursing care with the therapy and achieved many very positive outcomes....Most important was and is the very caring , professional relationship maintained with her clients..working very sincerely and personally with them and their families to achieve goals to improve their quality of life...she gives 200% to ensure needs are met....

Romy Brubaker, R.N., B.S - Director of Nursing Services